Vaffelbageren i Nyhavn

About us

We are a Danish family owned waffle bakery from 1953 – one of the few existing, real old-fashioned waffle bakeries, located in the heart of Nyhavn


The story behind Vaffelbageren

We are one of the few existing real old-fashioned waffle bakeries. We offer ice cream, fresh whipped cream and homemade sweets. The secret of our homemade fresh and warm waffles, is an old recipe from 1920 – It remains secret!
Our products have always been associated with high quality and we feel it is our duty to continue. Therefore, we stick to our concept.

Vaffelbageren’s ice cream
Ice cream from heaven and homemade waffles from Vaffelbageren! Treat yourself with a little luxury. Wonderful mixtures of flavors, delicious sauces and toppings. We offer among other things strawberry ice cream with a taste of summer and mouth-watering chocolate ice cream. Combine your favorite flavors –  grab a bite, close your eyes and enjoy!

Vaffelbageren’s Belgian waffles
Our freshly baked Belgian waffles has over the years become a huge success. Five different kinds of sugar makes the delicious spongy inside and crispy outside, where the large sugar crystals caramelize when we bake them. That is Vaffelbageren’s Belgian waffles!

Vaffelbageren, Nyhavn 

Since 1953