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Tea & Coffee

Try our freshly brewed coffee & delicious tea

Vaffelbageren’s Coffee

At Vaffelbageren we strive to make the perfect cup of coffee. A number of factors determine our experience of the coffee, and we are very aware of these factors. However, some factors are more important to the experience than others:

Water: Water constitutes 98.5% of the finished coffee, and is therefore essential for the taste. Water that has been going for a long time or have been heated before has a flat taste. Fresh water is best to release flavor and aroma from the ground coffee.

Brewing time: Brewing time can last from 20 seconds and up to 16 hours. When water and beans come in contact with each other, the flavors are extracted into the coffee, but there is a big difference between how long the two should ideally be in contact with each other. An espresso dispatched with 9 bars of pressure must run through 20-25 seconds while a coffee press, where the water is 92-94 degrees, should take 3-4 minutes. If the extraction is too short, you do not get the full potential of the flavor, and if it is too long, it will get too many bitter substances that make the taste even worse.

Beans, grinding and storage: Oxygen is the worst enemy of coffee. When oxygen gets in contact with the coffee the flavor gradually degrades. Therefore, whole beans are also more resistant to oxygen, because a large part of the coffee is covered by the protective surface. An opened bag of coffee should be
used within 2 weeks. The more oxygen the coffee gets in contact with, the faster the loss of aroma occurs.

Coffee 35,-

Vaffelbageren’s Tea

At Vaffelbageren we only use tea from Bradley’s Tea. Bradley’s tea has a soft, round, nice and elegant taste. Bradley’s uses hand picked buds, resulting in a fine and soft tea of the highest quality. The tea is organic and grown under proper conditions for the tea picks.

Vaffelbageren has a large selection of Bradley’s tea:

  • Green Tea Lemon – lemon peel, lemon grass
  • Earl Grey – bergamot flower, blue- and red cornflower
  • Ginger Citrus – apple, cinnamon, lemon peel, ginger
  • Black Tea Red Fruits – strawberry, raspberry, rose petals

All of our different kind of tea costs: 35,-