Vaffelbageren i Nyhavn

Our menu

A good day starts in Nyhavn with a freshly baked cone with ice cream in your hand. We bake waffles every day after our own secret recipe. Vaffelbageren offers homemade goodies and fresh whipped cream!


Old-fashioned ice cream cones

2 scoops 40,-

Extra scoop +5,-

Incl. Fresh whipped cream & jam or homemade strawberry marshmallow fluff.

Extra: Soft ice cream / marshmallow fluff / whipped cream / hot chocolate + 5 –


Belgian waffles

With sugar and jam 40, –
Soft or whipped cream & jam 45, –
Hot chocolate 45, –
Extra: caramel, chocolate sauce, Nutella  + 5 –

Vaffelbageren’s freshly baked Belgian waffles has become a huge success over the years. Five different types of sugar makes the delicious spongy inside and crispy outside, where the large sugar crystals caramelize when we bake them.


Black coffee, americano, espresso 35,-

Café latte, cappuccino, chai latte, hot chocolate 40,-



Soft ice cream

Small 35,-

Medium 40,-

Large 45,-

Toppings + 5, –
Chocolate powder, chocolate sprinkles, colored sprinkles, salt caramel, salt licorice, hazel nuts or warm chocolate sauce




Vaffelbageren has a large selection of Bradley’s tea:

  • Green Tea Lemon – lemon peel, lemon grass
  • Earl Grey – bergamot flower, blue- and red cornflower
  • Ginger Citrus – apple, cinnamon, lemon peel, ginger
  • Black Tea Red Fruits – strawberry, raspberry, rose petals



Our homemade milkshakes are made with ice cream and milk. You choose two scoops from our ice cream selection. We mix the ice cream with milk and our delicious softice. The milkshake is topped with freshly whipped cream (optional).