Vaffelbageren i Nyhavn

Ice Cream & Cones

The secret of our homemade, fresh and warm waffles is an old recipe from in 1920

Vaffelbageren’s ice cream

1 scoop 35,-
2 scoops 40,-
3 scoops 45,-
One extra scoop +5,-
Incl. Fresh whipped cream & jam or homemade strawberry marshmallow fluff.

Soft ice cream / Danish “flødebolle” / hot chocolate sauce / caramel sauce / sprinkles  +5,-


Vaffelbageren’s ice cream (dairy):

Banana & chocolate: Banana ice cream with larges pieces of chocolate.
Chocolate: Ice cream with dark chocolate.
Coconut: Tasty coconut ice cream with pieces of toasted coconut flakes. 
Coffee: This delicious ice cream is great news for all coffee lovers
Daim: Vanilla ice cream with almonds and Daim (hard caramel and chocolate) pieces
Dulce De Leche: Caramel ice cream with caramel sauce.
Licorice: Vanilla ice cream with salt licorice pieces at licorice sauce.
Mint & chocolate: Mint ice cream with large pieces of chocolate.
Nougat: With crunchy nougat pieces
Oreo: Ice cream with crushed oreo’s
Pistachio: Ice cream with roasted pistachios.
Stracciatella: Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce and chocolate pieces.
Strawberry: Ice cream with pureed strawberries and strawberry pieces.
Rum & raisin: Rum from Jamaica and raisins.
Vanilla: With real Madagascar vanilla.
Walnut: Ice cream with maple walnuts.

Vaffelbageren’s sorbet ice:

Lemon sorbet: Fresh and slightly sour sorbet with lemon juice and lemon peel.
Strawberry/lime sorbet: Sweet and sour combination of lime juice and sweet strawberries.
Raspberry sorbet: Fresh and tasteful sorbet with pureed raspberries

Be attentive to that there may be seasonal fluctuations in the flavors!